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Why Buying A Home In NY Is Better Than Renting?

The prices of home are quite high in NY. Your colleagues are planning to buy a home. You also want to settle down and desire to have a home of your own.

Amidst all the things: You don’t know how you are going to afford a property in NY. You are clueless where to find a decent yet affordable home. Hold up! Buying a home in NY is undoubtedly better than renting. But, you need a proper plan before making a final decision. Let’s take a look at some crucial points to understand why buying a property in NY is a better move than renting.

Why renting a house in NY is not a good idea?

People who advocate renting the home is better must be either the ones who have given their homes on rent or lack the knowledge of the real estate market in NY. We don’t say renting is a complete waste of money as it is cheaper than buying a home. But, if you look at the bigger picture – it is surely a bad idea. Reason? You are investing a lot of money which you won’t get back. Your hard-earned money is only going to fill your landlord’s pocket. In addition to this, your landlord will likely increase the rent every year. Therefore, renting a property in NY is not at all fruitful.

Key Benefits of Buying a Home

A sound real estate investment is all about taking calculated risks. So, here are the key benefits of buying a home in NY which you must take into consideration.

  • A Step Closer to American Dream of Homeownership

Even though you’re going to apply for a mortgage loan and will need to repay the loan amount for a few years down the line, it’s still the wise decision. You will be a proud homeowner once you are free from the mortgage loan. Therefore, every mortgage payment will get you a step closer to achieving the American dream of homeownership.

  • Relief in Tax

The tax benefit is possibly the most compelling reason for purchasing a property in NY. You will get benefited while filing for tax return as you are paying a mortgage loan. Therefore, you need not worry about anything.

  • Sense of Freedom

You don’t need to take any permission for keeping a pet of your choice or renovating your home. You can act as per your wish. You won’t get such kind of freedom in renting a home.

  • Stable Standard of Living

Having a home of your own gives an opportunity to lead a stable life. Children going to the same school and family spending years in the concordant neighborhood are definitely advantageous aspects of owning a home. On top of that, you know the nearby hospitals, banks, and safe routes for commutation as well.

  • Financial Security

Having a house of your own that too, in a place like NY is seriously the greatest achievement and an opportunity to become financially secure. With time, the value of your home will increase. For instance, today you brought home in $500,000, after a decade, its price might reach $900,000. So, if you think of selling your house after some time, you might get a good deal out of it.

Are You Ready to Buy a Home in NY?

Before you finally make your mind, answer these questions honestly.

1. Do You Have Emergency Fund Ready?

You never know what may happen tomorrow. Health issues and accidents spare no one. Therefore, it’s imperative for you to have some money in the emergency fund ready. Before, you plan to buy a home, at least have a decent saving which could be utilized during an emergency.

2. Will you be Able to Pay the Mortgage?

Nowadays, the major reason that’s driving a property to foreclosure is the failure of mortgage payment within the given time limit. So, if your monthly expenses are more and if you feel you might fall short of the money, then, it’s not the right time to invest in a real estate property. Take this step only when you are confident enough to manage everything.

3. Do You Want a Stable Life?

Majority of us dream of having a stable life. On the contrary, some people love adventures. Owning a home comes with certain responsibilities. Let’s say your job demands you to relocate every now and then. How would you take care of your home? Therefore, buy a home only when you are ready for a stable life.

4. Do You Know a Trustworthy Real Estate Agent?

Connecting to a trustworthy real estate agent can expound the entire procedure of buying a house. You don’t need to do manual research for finding a home. An experienced real estate agent in NYC can show you multiple numbers of properties in your desired location along with good amenities and chaste neighborhood. Another significant benefit of hiring a real estate agent is you won’t need to indulge in the legalities and paperwork. They will do everything on your behalf. Just read the documents and ensure the clauses and terms are correct.

Final Word

Buying a home in NY is any day better than renting. At present, if you can’t afford to pay a mortgage loan, then the best piece of advice is to start saving and cut down additional expenses. Furthermore, get in touch with a reputed real estate company in NY like ‘Elite Properties’ for dependable home buying tips.

The moment you decide to buy a new house; begins an everlasting debate in your subconscious mind. Every wannabe homeowner or real estate agent has faced this question at least for once in their lifetime. Which should I buy: a short sale or a foreclosed house?

We have been helping people to sell and buy houses in NYC for the past nine years. Till today, whenever a customer approaches us with the same question, we make sure he/she leaves with the exact answer they were looking for. Even though both foreclosure and short sale come under the category “the current real estate trends of New York”, buying one wouldn’t be as easy as it seems. Only go for these if you have got ample time and a strong gut.

“There’s really no cut-and-dry answer; it depends on the buyer and what the buyer’s priorities are.” If you are running low on budget or trying to find the best possible deals for buying homes in NY, opting for foreclosed and short sale homes can be the best option. As there are Yin and Yang for every living and non-living thing in this world, both foreclosure and short sales also have their pros and cons. You might be wondering whether this is again a Foreclosure vs. Short sales article. Our one-word answer to the question is “Yes”. This is indeed a Short sale vs. Foreclosure article but with a “twist”.

Buying On a Budget

Owning a home has always been an all-American dream for most of us. Matt Hamilton approached us with the same goal in his mind. Since he has been living as a tenant since 2010, buying a home in NYC was pretty much a dream come true for him. He recently switched his job and needed a neighborhood to accommodate his nuclear family comfortably. We gave him two options; a foreclosed home and a house listed under short sale as he was on a budget. We helped him to shortlist the list down to two houses and made sure his decision was respected and full filled.

A full-fledged home within your budget is the appealing factor of both foreclosure and short sales houses. If the situations are in favor of the buyer, he/she can acquire the desired home for almost as low as 37% of the real listed price of the property.

It’s a Risk Worth Taking

There’s always risk involved when buying a short sale or foreclosed home. A foreclosed home might be closed down by the bank (foreclosure by a bank) due to the default in mortgage payments. Such houses might be closed down for weeks or months and the repairs conducted will be near to nil. Considering this factor, short sales are much better as the present owners will be living there before you move in and all the repairs and renovations done will reflect in the final price of the house. The biggest challenge is that you are buying a property in NY with just looking at the pictures as taking a walk through or having the property inspection by a professional is not allowed in both of these scenarios.

Foreclosure vs. Short Sale

Most of you might have come across the flyers which say “foreclosure homes for sale and foreclosure auctions.” Well, before taking these lightly know that there might be a fortune hidden behind. When it’s foreclosure against short sales, everyone will have their own opinions. Rachel McGraw, who bought a short sale property in NYC about a year ago says she’s a big fan of short sale houses. “The deal was great, and with the help of a professional short sale negotiator from Elite Properties got me a fortune”, says Rachel. We helped grab her house for a dot $225,000 while the home was listed for a $50,000 extra.

1. The time it takes to complete a foreclosure deal is shorter than a short sale

Foreclosure takes less time in completing the paperwork and handing the key over to the buyer. A majority of the buyers writing offers for foreclosure homes will receive a response within 48 hours. If it’s a bank foreclosure property, the whole tiresome process can be done in a period as short as 30 days.

In buying a foreclosure, you will be dealing with a motivated and unemotional business minded seller whose primary goal is to sell property quick for all cash. When it comes to buying a short sale house you might be dealing with an owner who has mixed emotions about the property and might, in turn, slow the whole process down.

2. Follow your Gut When buying a foreclosure in New York

Well, if you get a gut feeling that the price offered for a property is the best price you can ever get, then just go for it. Buying a penthouse apartment in NYC is a lot less scary with the ‘as is ‘factor in foreclosure. The city itself offers a decent standard of living for almost every type of houses and condos.

With a short sales, even though you can get a house at its best condition, it isn’t sure that you can always land with the perfect deal. The location matter a lot and the house must be in a buyer’s market. In a buyer’s market, the seller might be willing to consider all the terms and conditions of the buyer for a successful confirmation of the property deal.

3. Banks favor Short Sale rather than Foreclosure

A foreclosed property has always been a burden for both the banks and lenders. That is the main reason why banks don’t entertain property foreclosure. Listing your property under short sales will benefit the seller as well as the bank. Working with a knowledgeable buyer’s agent will increase your chances of short sale negotiation and land a great deal with the bank.

Experience Does Matter

Hiring a foreclosure expert in NY to deal with all the troublesome situations that you might face in buying a property would be a great idea. He/ she will have the knowledge and experience needed to cover all the documents and paperwork relating to purchasing a foreclosure property.

The same goes for short sales too. An experienced short sale specialist might help you to land with the best deals for your desired property. There are even real estate agents in NY who offers short sale packages in New York to attract more and more customers in buying short sale properties. Hire a professional real estate agent who provides foreclosure services and short sale services so that you’ll have access to their enormous short sale and foreclosure listings in NYC.

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