The Difference Between Real Estate Agent And A Real Estate Investor

The Difference Between Real Estate Agent And A Real Estate Investor
October 23, 2020

Do you wish to sell properties online but don’t know whom to approach? Well, we are here to suggest and help you pick the right person. Many homeowners call up real estate agents for selling their house for a bigger profit and faster sales. Although, it is advisable to check both the options before proceeding with one to know what favors you best.

You might think what is the difference between both of them anyway? The difference is negligible as they both generate revenue from the same field. Scroll down to know the difference between real estate agent and a real estate investor.

License Plays an Important Role

To make valid transactions it is important for a real estate agent to have a license. An agent requires a license of his/her particular state of service. Also, an agent will only need a license if they plan to represent someone else in the home buying or selling process. On the other hand, an investor does not require a license to run the business.  

Commission Has Different Aspects

Let us say, the commission is involved in agents and investors both, but the methods for extraction is different. Real estate agents earn commission on every sale carried by them. The amount can be anywhere from 1-5% of the total share inclusive of the other costs. Agents usually rely on the sale value of a property to earn commission, high sale value means greater profit.

A real estate investor offers cash for homes, which means they offer you hard cash in return for your property. An investor has a faster pace of working when it comes to making fair cash offer and regulating the cash flow. They will sell the property at market value or flip it to another investor for lesser price. Sometimes investors sell properties in bulk to earn more with each sale, this way investors find ways to earn commission.

Maintaining The Integrity of the Brand Has Diverse Ways

Talking about the integrity of the brand, real estate agents make sure they promote their brand name to gain business. Agents maintain a good networking system with the help of websites and business cards to increase the client count. Real estate investors on the other hand do not spend a lot on marketing. They use signboards with ‘we buy ugly house’ or ‘we buy house for cash’ written on them. These signs are placed in cities or nearby yards, which can be easily spotted from a distance. Retaining the integrity of the brand may have different modes, but the motto stays the same.

Involvement of the Brokers

Real estate agents have to work under brokers rather they are employed by brokers. Once the agents are trained and have a license by the state, they are required to work under brokers for better earnings. A real estate investor does not have the need to work under a broker as being licensed isn’t mandatory.

How Elite Properties Is Better Than Any Other Agent

We covered the basic differences between an agent and an investor so you can figure out the best option for yourself. Although, there are some more differences, which will help you choose better.

Agents:  Real estate agents sell home with the help of MLS also known as Multiple Listing Service

Elite Properties (Investor): We buy house individually without any listings

Agents:  You’ll have to pay closing as well as additional costs to cover a sale.

Elite Properties (Investor): We cover everything inclusive of closing costs and legal fees to make your home sale process easy

Agents: A traditional home sale through an agent will take approximately 30-60 days to close a deal

Elite Properties (Investor): We close a deal in as less as 7 days


Picking the right person to sell your house is vital. One has to research their options before proceeding with a home sale. Elite Properties is cash buying company, we sell your house in 3 days in any condition and any location. Furthermore, we will also pay your legal fees and closing costs. Call us on 718-977-5462 or visit our website to know more about the home selling process.

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