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Is Buying Foreclosed House a Good Idea?

The word ‘foreclosuremay seem a nightmare, especially if one’s willing to buy a home in New York. However, there’s no need to fear a foreclosed property. Today’s scenario is completely different in comparison to the real estate market milieu that existed five years ago. At present, banks have started a renovation policy before shortlisting the home for property listings. At first, they inspect the home in foreclosure and do all the necessary repairs which is a huge advantage for buyers as they don’t need to spend money on repairs after buying the foreclosed property. That being said, some of you might still be in a dilemma of whether to buy a foreclosed home or not. So, we have rounded up top 5 advantages of buying a foreclosed home. They will help you make a sound investment decision.

Go through the following key advantages of buying foreclosed home and then make a decision by yourself…

1. Great Investment Opportunity

A foreclosed home is a great investment opportunity for buyers because it’s available at cheaper rates than the actual market value. How’s that possible? It’s quite natural to have this doubt. So, let us explain to you some details of the foreclosure process. Foreclosure occurs when a homeowner fails to indemnify the mortgage payments, and the bank/lender puts the property for sale for compensating the financial losses. This is why they sell the property at low rates just to get the remaining amount out of it. Further, your monthly mortgage payment would also be less.

2. Move-in Ready House

Getting a move-in ready house is a compelling reason to buy a foreclosed house. As discussed earlier, nowadays, the lenders/banks do all the necessary repairs in advance. Why? In today’s world, everybody seems to judge a book by its cover! One may not pay even the marginal rate if the home is in a distressed condition. Therefore, the lender makes all the required repairs beforehand. This clearly depicts that you don’t need to invest money as well as your precious time to get things done. You can shift to your home as soon as you complete the legalities.

3.Foreclosed House in New York

We have good news for foreclosed property buyers which could be a bad one for the foreclosed property sellers. According to a recent real estate survey, nearly 40% properties in New York City are in foreclosure. To be honest, this is quite a big figure. This interprets that foreclosed home buyers have a plethora of good properties to choose from. One can bargain and purchase a foreclosed house which suits their needs.

4. Better Neighborhoods

Foreclosed homes can be a boon if you have always dreamt of living in a posh site in NY. Let’s say there’s a home located in the central area of NY with a net worth of $500,000. If that home falls into foreclosure, its prices could lessen up to $250,000. You can encash such opportunities and be a proud homeowner in NY. In a nutshell, you can easily afford foreclosed properties in elite localities which otherwise could be costly and even beyond your budget.

5. A Step towards Bright Future

Even if you don’t want to shift your house, investing in a real estate property could be fruitful. You can buy a foreclosed home in a good locality and give it on rent. This way, you’ll be able to make a passive income and have a property of your own. This is perhaps the best way to gain financial security.

How to Proceed?

First and foremost, decide on the type of foreclosed property you want. After that, make a note of all the amenities and features you seek in a home. Once you are clear about your home goal, contact a reputed real estate agency in NY for exploring your foreclosed property buying options. They’ll not only help you throughout the foreclosed property buying transition but also, rationalize all the paperwork and legalities.


Do you seek a property in NY with a good neighborhood? At low prices? Keeping in mind all the above-mentioned benefits, a foreclosed home is the ultimate answer! Bear in mind that – Two heads are better than one. Therefore, contact a trustworthy real estate company in NY such as ‘Elite Properties’ to get the most out of the foreclosed home deal.

The moment you decide to buy a new house; begins an everlasting debate in your subconscious mind. Every wannabe homeowner or real estate agent has faced this question at least for once in their lifetime. Which should I buy: a short sale or a foreclosed house?

We have been helping people to sell and buy houses in NYC for the past nine years. Till today, whenever a customer approaches us with the same question, we make sure he/she leaves with the exact answer they were looking for. Even though both foreclosure and short sale come under the category “the current real estate trends of New York”, buying one wouldn’t be as easy as it seems. Only go for these if you have got ample time and a strong gut.

“There’s really no cut-and-dry answer; it depends on the buyer and what the buyer’s priorities are.” If you are running low on budget or trying to find the best possible deals for buying homes in NY, opting for foreclosed and short sale homes can be the best option. As there are Yin and Yang for every living and non-living thing in this world, both foreclosure and short sales also have their pros and cons. You might be wondering whether this is again a Foreclosure vs. Short sales article. Our one-word answer to the question is “Yes”. This is indeed a Short sale vs. Foreclosure article but with a “twist”.

Buying On a Budget

Owning a home has always been an all-American dream for most of us. Matt Hamilton approached us with the same goal in his mind. Since he has been living as a tenant since 2010, buying a home in NYC was pretty much a dream come true for him. He recently switched his job and needed a neighborhood to accommodate his nuclear family comfortably. We gave him two options; a foreclosed home and a house listed under short sale as he was on a budget. We helped him to shortlist the list down to two houses and made sure his decision was respected and full filled.

A full-fledged home within your budget is the appealing factor of both foreclosure and short sales houses. If the situations are in favor of the buyer, he/she can acquire the desired home for almost as low as 37% of the real listed price of the property.

It’s a Risk Worth Taking

There’s always risk involved when buying a short sale or foreclosed home. A foreclosed home might be closed down by the bank (foreclosure by a bank) due to the default in mortgage payments. Such houses might be closed down for weeks or months and the repairs conducted will be near to nil. Considering this factor, short sales are much better as the present owners will be living there before you move in and all the repairs and renovations done will reflect in the final price of the house. The biggest challenge is that you are buying a property in NY with just looking at the pictures as taking a walk through or having the property inspection by a professional is not allowed in both of these scenarios.

Foreclosure vs. Short Sale

Most of you might have come across the flyers which say “foreclosure homes for sale and foreclosure auctions.” Well, before taking these lightly know that there might be a fortune hidden behind. When it’s foreclosure against short sales, everyone will have their own opinions. Rachel McGraw, who bought a short sale property in NYC about a year ago says she’s a big fan of short sale houses. “The deal was great, and with the help of a professional short sale negotiator from Elite Properties got me a fortune”, says Rachel. We helped grab her house for a dot $225,000 while the home was listed for a $50,000 extra.

1. The time it takes to complete a foreclosure deal is shorter than a short sale

Foreclosure takes less time in completing the paperwork and handing the key over to the buyer. A majority of the buyers writing offers for foreclosure homes will receive a response within 48 hours. If it’s a bank foreclosure property, the whole tiresome process can be done in a period as short as 30 days.

In buying a foreclosure, you will be dealing with a motivated and unemotional business minded seller whose primary goal is to sell property quick for all cash. When it comes to buying a short sale house you might be dealing with an owner who has mixed emotions about the property and might, in turn, slow the whole process down.

2. Follow your Gut When buying a foreclosure in New York

Well, if you get a gut feeling that the price offered for a property is the best price you can ever get, then just go for it. Buying a penthouse apartment in NYC is a lot less scary with the ‘as is ‘factor in foreclosure. The city itself offers a decent standard of living for almost every type of houses and condos.

With a short sales, even though you can get a house at its best condition, it isn’t sure that you can always land with the perfect deal. The location matter a lot and the house must be in a buyer’s market. In a buyer’s market, the seller might be willing to consider all the terms and conditions of the buyer for a successful confirmation of the property deal.

3. Banks favor Short Sale rather than Foreclosure

A foreclosed property has always been a burden for both the banks and lenders. That is the main reason why banks don’t entertain property foreclosure. Listing your property under short sales will benefit the seller as well as the bank. Working with a knowledgeable buyer’s agent will increase your chances of short sale negotiation and land a great deal with the bank.

Experience Does Matter

Hiring a foreclosure expert in NY to deal with all the troublesome situations that you might face in buying a property would be a great idea. He/ she will have the knowledge and experience needed to cover all the documents and paperwork relating to purchasing a foreclosure property.

The same goes for short sales too. An experienced short sale specialist might help you to land with the best deals for your desired property. There are even real estate agents in NY who offers short sale packages in New York to attract more and more customers in buying short sale properties. Hire a professional real estate agent who provides foreclosure services and short sale services so that you’ll have access to their enormous short sale and foreclosure listings in NYC.

The aggrandizement of services that aid homebuyers and sellers in completing their own real estate needs is relatively recent, and it may have left you pondering whether procuring a real estate agent is becoming a relic of a bygone era. Going solo when it comes down to real estate might save you a handful sum of money by cutting down the significant commissions you need to pay the agents. Well, the question is: Would you rather try flying solo or reach out for a helping hand?

Buying or selling a property even in a buyer’s market is challenging and time-consuming. A significant proportion of people doesn’t trust or rely on real estate agents to meet their needs. However, these guys will be forever missing the luxuries of what a real estate agent can bring to their plates. Buying and selling properties indeed take time, and with the help of the right expert, one can surely save a lot of time and make things hassle-free for themself.

Here’s how hiring a real estate agent can assure you in achieving the ‘all-time American Dream’ of owning a property in your name…

1. Hiring an Expert

Rather than being entitled as an agent, they prefer being called experts. Real estate agents are the best when it comes to their line of business. You’ll experience the pinnacle of professional real estate services by hiring a property expert. Right from negotiations to the final settlement of the price, they’ll act as a loyal mediator between you and the seller omitting you from all the hectic formalities and paperwork.

Negotiation is a tricky business, and there’s an excellent chance that the other party can easily bamboozle one without an adequate record of experience in this line of business. A real estate expert has enough experience when it comes down to revealing all the ambushes and deceptions and taking countermeasures. So, whether you are selling a property or buying one, hiring a real estate expert will always give you the upper hand.

2. Are The Encyclopedias of Property Listings

Finding a house with your specific interests can be challenging. If you are a working person who rarely gets time to spare, this becomes even more challenging. Moreover, what if the house with your interests is on the other side of the state? This is where a real estate agent comes in handy! They have an enormous database of property listings that can match your interests. Tell them what kind of house, neighborhood or even locality you need, and they can present you with the shortlisted properties which resemble your attention. All you need to do is pick one.

Most of the real estate agents have a secure and robust network when it comes to property listings. They make use of these networks to keep in touch with all the property owners and sellers all over the state. By hiring a real estate agent, you are not only experiencing hassle-free services but also given access to the network mentioned above of extensive property listings.

3. Saves Time and Money

Roaming around your locality or neighboring state in search of available properties can drastically eat your time and money. Well, we would say there’s no point in drifting along with the current without a destination or goal. With the aid of a property dealer, the path towards your target will be apparent, and you can set the course at full speed. Property dealings always include a lot of paperwork and legal procedures and don’t forget the expenses too. A real estate agent can volunteer for you to take all the trouble of hefty paperwork and costs providing you with the ownership of the property or house.

For example, selling a property which is listed under foreclosure or short sale is pretty challenging and hectic. Most of you might feel like you are going through the most terrible phase of your life. With the property listed under foreclosure or short sales even, interested buyers might back off thinking of all the legal troubles they might need to go through. By hiring an experienced real estate agent, selling your foreclosed or distressed properties will be quicker and more straightforward.

Still not convinced in hiring a real estate agent?

Let us brief you up with a few more scenarios in real estate business. When stepping into real estate business, most of you might have come along the terms like foreclosure, short sales, distressed properties, estate sales, probate sales and much more. Hiring a real estate agent will make it easy to acquire properties which are under these complex scenarios.

a. Real Estate Agent For Foreclosure

Foreclosure of property occurs when the borrower fails in paying the mortgage he/she is obliged to pay the property owner. Even though the number of foreclosed properties are gradually decreasing in number these days, they still do exist. As for a buyer looking for a potential property, there’s a fair chance that a foreclosed property might exactly be the house in his/her dreams. However, the reality is pretty much harsh. Instead of a smiling face handing over the key to the property, you’ll be welcomed with a ton of paperwork and legal procedures which can even last up to minimum seven months. The same happens when you are trying to sell one too.

With a real estate expert who knows his way around the market and its characteristics, selling or buying a property in foreclosure doesn’t plot an issue. Since they are experts in their line of business, finding a buyer for your foreclosed home will be more comfortable. Their motto is to help you by leaving you out of all the troubles providing a hassle-free business deal. You need to select the shortlisted buyers provided by the agent who are willing to give you a fair deal for the property.

b. Real Estate Agent For Short Sales

A short sale specialist or a lawyer? This might be the first question that comes to your head when planning to list your property for short sales. Opting for a short sale specialist rather than sticking to a lawyer can help you in many ways. Since lawyers only know about legal procedures that need to be presented in the court regarding the property they won’t do much help in advising what to do and what not to do when going for a short sale. A short sale specialist has completed thousands of these cases and is much more experienced when it comes to such scenarios. They can even find you a proper buyer for your property who can provide you with fair and desired price. Don’t forget that the legal procedures will be taken over by the agent itself, which indirectly implies they’ll be providing everything a lawyer can provide.

c. Real Estate Agent For Distressed Properties

Distressed properties have always been a headache for property dealers. These are the properties that are rarely maintained or nearly distressed but still packs a punch. Finding potential buyers for your distressed property can be challenging and daunting without a property expert. They are professionals in negotiating and convincing buyers to buy the property. The same goes when you are planning to buy a distressed property to save your wallet. Since every distressed property isn’t approachable even though they look promising from the outside. With an expert beside you who knows what to look for in a distressed property and understand its market value can land you a great deal without hurting your pocket.

The Bottom line

Investing in hiring a real estate agent will always be a boon when planning to buy or sell a property. They can lead and guide you in the right way to meet all your real estate needs.

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