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Ways to Sell a Tenant Occupied House

Selling a property with sitting tenants could be a real deal for sellers as you can list your house on the market when the sale price is on peak and additionally continue to receive your rental income. As good as it sounds, there are multiple difficulties associated with selling a house with sitting tenants. If you are planning to sell your house you’ve stopped by the right place.

Given below are things to consider while selling a tenant occupied house

  • Get Thorough With the Tenancy Rules

Tenancy laws and regulations differ from place to place it is best advised to consult with a real estate attorney for clarity of the home selling process especially when it is tenant occupied. If you are planning to sell your tenanted property, do not forget some buyers may be former landlords which means they know the game better than you. Here it is essential to favor your tenant and save the deal from falling apart.

In some places, the law favors tenants approximately by 80% which means the owner will be held liable for all the mishaps. Meaning if the tenant infringes any clause or remains in the property post the expiry of the agreement, you’ll be entitled to the obligations legally. In this case, you will have to go to the court and get them removed with all the legalizations.

  • Incentivize your Tenants

It is not about bribing but sweetening the deal, make an offer that your tenant couldn’t deny. First off, you can cast an eye over other similar properties in your neighborhood to compare the rent. If you find that the digits you’ve been charging are comparatively less, you can offer two times more money including the number of months that are left on the tenant’s lease-of-agreement. To end everything on a happy note and without any interruptions of your tenant you could also pay them the moving cost or you could promise them the next security deposit in the new place.

  • Tenant Occupied Walk-through

Buyers often ask for a walk-through before buying the house which is why it is essential to serve a notice to your tenants prior to providing viewings. If not done, there are high chances that your tenants might not co-operate. As a seller, you can only conduct walk-throughs if you have it well stated on the tenancy agreement. Legally you will have to notify your tenant in writing, for carrying out a walk-through 24 hours in advance, if you fail to do so, you won’t be able to progress with the procedure and eventually lose a potential buyer.

If you miss the specific clause and you have a potential buyer in your favor, the best option is to compromise with the tenant by decreasing the rent to some extent or any settlement that is agreed on the mutual terms. It is highly advisable to maintain healthy relationships with your tenants, if they are not in good terms with you, you might be facing havoc in your sales.

Now, when you know what things should be considered before selling tenanted properties, we would like to shed light and provide ways to sell a tenant occupied house

Option 1

Communicating With The Tenants

If you are a property-owner, selling tenanted properties could be a boon for you as it does not come with a prohibition. The question that arises is, how to sell a house with tenants? The best way out is to communicate with your tenants and tell them about the whole scenario of selling your property.

In such cases, the tenants are entitled to stay in the property until the lease reaches its closing stage. As the situation seems uncertain to many tenants, after reading the clauses they can trespass upon the contract with a mutual decision with the landlord and find another accommodation. If the tenant decides to breach the contract with a mutual decision then he or she is not liable to pay the hefty penalties.

If your tenant agrees for you to proceed with the selling process, let them know about the new landlord so they are comfortable with him or her. New landlord means unpredictable conditions; it is highly advisable to let your tenants know about it while you go on with the home selling process.

Option 2

Propose Your Tenant A Chance To Buy The House

If your tenant has been living with you for a long time, for obvious reasons he or she might be loving the place. This could be a big opportunity for you to sell your house to your tenant. If your tenant agrees to the offer, hiring a real estate attorney would be beneficial during the process. Once the proposal is accepted, there are a few transactions that can likely happen.

A lease-to-own or a lease-purchase agreement is the core of any rent-to-own properties. Here, the seller provides the buyer with multiple options like-

  • One-time, non-refundable fee; this allows the tenant to purchase the home within the year at a fixed price, while they keep paying the rent.
  • The lease-purchase-agreement is constructed so, that a portion of the monthly rent is carried down in the down-payment of the house.
  • Lastly, is the seller-finance agreement; here it is required as a property owner your mortgage payments are completely naught. In this case, if your tenant cannot afford a mortgage, the property owner will act as a lender and the tenant would agree to pay the price of the house in a few years, this is called seller-financing. As an advantage from the seller’s perspective, you are receiving interest on the debt plus an extra time to say goodbye to your property.

Option 3

We Buy Houses For Cash Companies

The easiest way out the havoc is to opt for this option. “We buy houses for cash” companies buy your house as-is and precede with the procedures of further renting or selling the property. Cash home buying companies will buy the property from you with or without sitting tenants, if your lease is yet to expire we’ll buy the house with sitting tenants and post expiry sell it to potential prospects. If your home is vacant, then it is a golden nest egg. By choosing this option you are saving time, money and labor of searching buyers.

Option 4

Expiry Of The Tenant Contract

Want to sell a tenanted property, but don’t want to risk losing potential prospects? The best way out is to wait until the end of the lease. Prolonged lease affects the sales of the tenant-occupied house, the reason being your property sits vacant on the market and buyers back out as your house becomes timeworn. On the other hand if your agreement the early termination clause the tenant is entitled to stay in the house until the lease expires.

The safest way out of the chaos is to wait until the lease expires or list your property three months before the lease expires. By doing this, you will be receiving rent until the specified date of the contract also you’ll be building equity for further home-improvement projects which will provide you with potential buyers.

Unseen Problems, Potential Solutions

If you are thinking to sell your house, keep in mind there is a big market outside. Which means there will be buyers who don’t want to be a landlord wishes to buy it. In such circumstances, you cannot call off the deal before its expiry, and the new buyer has no rights to evict the tenants by any means. Meaning, if the buyer wishes to buy the house, he or she will have to close the deal inclusive of resting tenants.

  • The possible solution to this problem could be – if your tenant breaches any clause of the contract you can favor them by not taking any action and requesting them to be on your side while the process of home-selling.
  • Secondly, you have to conduct a whole lengthy home improvement process when your tenants leave which is a headache to many homeowners.
  • People rent because they cannot afford to buy a house or there could be a high possibility that your tenant might be saving or building equity to buy a house in coming times.

As said earlier you can offer to sell your home to the tenants by making a joint agreement. By doing this, you obtain a guaranteed deal with less chaos.


Selling a tenant occupied home is always more complicated than selling a vacant home, we hope we have shown you the bigger picture of the story and provided the best possible ways of selling a house with tenants. If you are residing in New York and have any query related to real estate you can get in touch with ‘Elite Properties’ we’ll be happy to help you in your stressed time and provide the reliable solutions for your problems.

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Most of you might have come across “we buy houses for all cash” ads in your day-to-day life. It could be in a flyer, or in a banner across the road or might even be in your inbox as well. Usually, we ignore these ads thinking these are scams and approaching them might be dangerous. But, what if unexpected financial troubles have caught up and now you are forced to sell your house or property? In these situations, you might be looking for a way to get fast cash, which in turn lead you to the doorstep of most of the “we buy houses for cash” companies. Well, the real question is “How much can you trust these companies and ads”?

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How To Find Out the Company You Chose is Legitimate

It isn’t necessary that every detail on the “we buy houses for cash” flyer is accurate. Before approaching the company to sell your house make sure you aren’t being framed. Here’s how you can find out whether the company you chose is legitimate or not:

A Company with Website: The first step you must take before ringing the company’s phone number is to surf their website. If the Company’s name and logo are displayed on the website, the firm might be legal and is working under the California online privacy protection act. This will ensure all the details you enter on the website at the time of the query isn’t leaked to the public or can be accessed by any third-party company. Make sure to omit the companies that hide their names from the website as it would be difficult to trace them at the time of an issue or conflict.

A Company Which Displays Contact Information:Contact information is pretty essential and only choose the company who aren’t ashamed to display their contact information. It would be great if you work along with a company which has a dedicated customer service sector. This will make sure you are well informed about the status of the services availed.

A company with listing on Multiple Business Listing Sites: Google the company up and check whether they are listed on Business listing sites like Yelp, LinkedIn, Hot Frog, Yellow Pages, and others. A company with listing on multiple platforms can be trusted to an extent.

Check For Positive Reviews: Checking for customer reviews regardless of it being positive or negative can tell you a lot about the company and its function. This will also let you know whether the company has any previous recorded issues or conflicts with customers and the market.

Checking all these before trusting or proceeding the company will ensure that you have a reliable buyer and hassle-free services. A trustworthy real-estate company can be the best solution for your fast cash needs if you have a house to sell.

Why You Should Sell Your Home to a “We Buy Houses for All Cash” Company   

1. An Immediate Relief

If you are stuck up in some financial situation and need some urgent money and the only thing you can sell is a house, then these companies can be your immediate relief. Their professionals will be evaluating your house or property and will provide you with a no-obligation cash offer. Most of the times the amount they offer will be less than that of the current market value of the property but, they’ll make sure the offer is reasonable and digestible for you.

2. Sell Your Distressed Property

If you have a distressed property, then selling it can be one of the hectic and challenging scenarios you have to go through. Finding a proper buyer is easily said than implemented. This is where “we buy houses for cash” companies come in. You can sell your property to these companies, and since it is a distressed property, any offer they put forward can be approachable. But, this doesn’t mean you have no option to negotiate.

3. Save Yourself From a Foreclosure and Short Sales

If you are facing foreclosure, a real estate company that buys houses for cash can aid you. With proper consent from your mortgage dealer, you can sell your house on short sales to the companies mentioned above and save your some money for a temporary apartment.

4. Fast Closings

These companies can close a business deal in a span of time as less than seven days. Since, there are no approved financing, appraised values, inspections and other things that pop up at the time of selling a house, bypassing all these steps will help in closing a deal faster.


What would you choose, a “We Buy Houses” company or rather wait for a buyer? We buy houses companies are legitimate, and you could easily fill your pockets just in days. Since you have proper tools and resources now after reading this article, finding a professional company wouldn’t be that hard. But, always know that “We Buy Houses” companies aren’t for every seller.

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